Regional District of North Okanagan - Board of Directors

Name Phone Number Position E-Mail
Shirley Fowler
2940 Becker Street
Armstrong, BC VOE 1B2
Primary: 250-546-3732 City of Armstrong Director
Chris Pieper
2665 Colony Street
Armstrong, BC VOE 1B2
Primary: 250-546-3023
Cell: 250-550-7329
Fax: 250-546-3710
City of Armstrong Alternate Director
Doug Dirk
RDNO: 250-550-3700 City of Coldstream Director Not Available
Jim Garlick
Primary: 250-542-0421
Cell: 250-307-9490
City of Coldstream Alternate Director
Bob Fleming
6040 Butters Road
Vernon, BC V1B 3L5
Cell: 250-558-9653 Electoral Area "B"
Mike Macnabb
5656 Neil Road
Vernon, BC V1B 3J5
Bus: 250-545-8138 Electoral Area "C"
Mike Randell
4309 - 20th Street
Vernon, BC V1T 4E4
Res: 250-545-4298
Bus: 250-308-0900
Electoral Area "C"
Rick Fairbairn [Chair]
PO Box 525, 292 Trinity Valley Road
Lumby, BC VOE 2GO
Primary: 250-308-9543
Work: 250-550-3700
Electoral Area "D"
Dwayne Hackett
483 Albers Road
Lumby, BC VOE 2G5
Primary: 250-547-2585
Work: 250-547-6066
Other: 250-308-5987
Electoral Area "D"
Hank Cameron
92 Begbie Road
Cheryville, BC
Res / Fax: 250-547-2445 Electoral Area "E"
Eugene Foisy
39 Specht Road
Cheryville, BC VOE 2G3
Res: 250-547-6698 Electoral Area "E" Not Available
Herman Halvorson
Primary: 250-838-7407
Cell: 250-260-0435
Electoral Area "F"
Greg McCune
33 Preston Crescent
Enderby, BC VOE 1V1
Primary: 250-550-5930
Work: 250-838-7234
Fax: 250-838-9998
City of Enderby Director
Kevin Acton [Vice Chair]
1775 Glencaird Street
Lumby, BC VOE 2GO
Primary: 250-307-3132 Village of Lumby Vice Chair
Lori Mindnich
141 Hurt Road
Lumby, BC VOE 2GO
Primary: 250-547-2235 Village of Lumby Alternate Director
Janice Brown
2241 Harding Road
Armstrong, BC VOE 1B8
Res: 250-546-2743
Cell: 250-558-6851
Township of Spallumcheen Director
Akbui Mund
3400 30 Street
Vernon, BC V1T 5E6
Primary: 250-938-0022
Bus: 250-550-3508
City of Vernon Director
Scott Anderson RDNO: 250-550-3700 City of Vernon Alternate Director
Juliette Cunningham
7350 Lonacre Drive
Vernon, BC V1H 1H5
Primary: 250-309-2432 City of Vernon Director
Dalvir Nahal RDNO: 250-550-3700 City of Vernon Alternate Director
Brian Quiring RDNO: 250-550-3700 City of Vernon Director

Local Media Contact Information

Name Position E-Mail
Brady Strachan CBC News
Dave Trifunov The Daily Courier
Glenn Mitchell Vernon Morning Star
Global Okanagan
Ron Manz 107.5 Kiss FM
107.5 Kiss FM
Lumby Valley Times
Megan Turcato Global News
Okanagan Advertiser
Power 104 Kelowna
Silk FM
Stacy Pavlov Okanagan Advertiser
Sun FM Vernon

If you are opposed to the proposed boating regulation and are a Riverfront Property Owner
please E-Mail

Please at a Minimum send us your First and Last Name, Address and Phone number for registration.