Riverfront Owners

Who we are:

We are a group of Shuswap Riverfront Property Owners who are opposed to the current proposed boating regulations for the Shuswap River as put forth by the Regional District of North Okanagan May 19, 2015. As Riverfront Owners we are the Stakeholder group that will be the most negatively affected by the imposed Boating Regulations. To date the Regional District of North Okanagan has had no direct consultation with our Stakeholder group.

What Are Our Concerns:

As the Stakeholder group who will be most negatively affect by these proposed changes, we have a wide variety of concerns, most notably:

  • RDNO has acted in a biased and unfair manner to date.
  • RDNO has and continues to mislead the public with its May 19, 2015 press release and repeated press interviews. (see more about this further down this page)
  • Many property owners bought on this river because boating was allowed. This has driven property values up particularly in the past decade. The imposing of these regulations could be devastating to many property owners as their properties will be worth substantially less.
  • Many owners have chosen a lifestyle that includes motorized use of the river, the RDNO should not have the power or inclination to judge other people’s life styles based on a small special interest group’s ideals.
  • These regulations are not about any of the reasons RDNO has stated, they are about a small special interest group who does not like boats.
  • RDNO has put forth the most extreme option that would have the most negative affect on property owners.
  • RDNO has done no assessment on how these regulations will negatively affect property owners whether financially or otherwise. Yet they have admitted it will affect people. How can they knowingly move forward without direct consultation and analysis?

What Can You Do:

  • If you are a riverfront owner (on the Shuswap River) and oppose the regulations as put forward by RDNO, join our group by e-mailing us your full name, riverfront address, phone number and e-mail address. (Click the Link Below!)
  • Please talk to your neighbors who own riverfront properties and get them to join. Remember the more members we have the louder our voice will be, both with RDNO and ultimately with Transport Canada.
  • Have all your guests, friends, family etc click this Link to fill out the RDNO’s survey to show their opposition to the regulations.
  • Write a LETTER to your Area Director, city or town Counselor and Mayor and any other elected officials, this can be done via e-mail and will only take a few minutes.
  • Write a LETTER to the Regional District of North Okanagan opposing this ban.


In RDNO’s May 19, 2015 press release when the proposed regulations were put forward they list the following 5 reasons:

RDNO’s Reason Our Response
Recreational Safety The fact is RDNO has no reports on record of safety incidents involving motorised users on record (as confirmed by Anna Page of the RDNO in a May 20 and May 27 e- mail) and a report from the BC chief Coroner’s office confirms that of the 4 deaths on the river between Jan 2008 and May 2015, two were people floating down the rivers in rafts or tubes, 1 was swimming and one was unrelated to a river activity (fell in). Further to that many motorized users have saved stranded tubers and taken them to safety.
Conflict Between Users The fact is RDNO has no recorded incidents of conflict between users on record (as confirmed by Anna Page of the RDNO in a May 20 and May 27, 2015 e-mail) and although conflict has likely taken place, there is zero evidence, or reason to believe, that it would be caused by a motorized user as opposed to any other user.
Bank Erosion RDNO has no reports that indicate motorized use contributes to bank erosion in any significant way.
Disturbance to Critical Salmon Spawning Grounds and Other Fish and Wildlife RDNO has no reports that indicate there are any problems with the salmon spawning grounds and other fish and wildlife as confirmed by Anna Page of RDNO in a (May 27, 2015 e-mail) on the Shuswap River let alone that motorized users are the cause.
Improve Non-motorized Recreational Activities in the Area Plenty of opportunity for non-motorized users already exist, Rosemund Lake (located at the end or the river is already designated as non-motorized users area and the Eagle River located in Sicamous has a 5 km speed limit. Of course non-motorized users also have access to all shared waterways.)